What We Do


Westminster Christian School (WCS) Humanitarian Award:  Miami, Florida

  • Annual Scholarship
  • In 2002, Nicole graduated as the senior class president from WCS.
  • Nicole E. Mas M.D. Humanitarian Award Scholarship is given to one deserving graduate of the senior class.
  • The award is comprised of $3,000.00 in which $2,000.00 is awarded to the recipient and $1,000.00 goes to the recipient’s teacher of choice. This teacher made a positive impact and nurtured the recipient to think outside the box by giving back in a humanitarian way.

La Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) Humanitarian Award:  Dominican Republic

  • Annual Scholarship
  • In November 2010, Nicole graduated medical school with honors from La Universidad Iberoamericana, UNIBE.
  • The Nicole E. Mas M.D. Humanitarian Award goes to a deserving graduate from UNIBE who has performed humanitarian efforts within their community.  The award consists of an iPad and stethoscope to be used during their internship.


Hogar Escuela Rosa Duarte Orphanage:  Dominican Republic

  • In Nicole’s honor, the M.A.S. Foundation continues to spread her belief to support young women in need by holding an annual holiday collection, where our Angels package personalized essentials for each of the 146 orphanage girls. Each care package consists of necessary supplies for their daily use; such as toiletries, feminine products, clothing, school supplies and basic necessities that many of us take for granted. Our goal is to give these young women simple tools necessary to face everyday struggles and become empowered for a greater life.

St. Ann Mission:  Homestead, Florida

  • The M.A.S. Foundation provides monthly food donations to help St. Ann Mission sustain hundreds of families with rice, beans, and other staple food items. When called upon, our Angels support this mission with social services, medication, food, and clothing. In addition, in joint partnership with La Liga Contra El Cancer, we provide free lifesaving mammograms.
  • Legacy of Love Fact: Nicole took service to the extent of coming home barefoot one day after volunteering at St. Ann Mission because she felt a child in need deserved her shoes more than she did.

Missionaries of Charity, Mother Theresa’s Soup Kitchen:  Miami, Florida

  • In Nicole’s memory, the M.A.S. Foundation Angels continue her legacy of love by helping this shelter with food, school supplies and clothes for their pantry.  Our Angels volunteer by feeding the poor and help run the soup kitchen operations.

International Mission Projects:  Cuba, Haiti and Dominican Republic

  • The M.A.S. Foundation Angels are frequently called upon and ready to serve our international communities. On an as needed basis, we send food, school supplies, fundamental essentials and medical equipment such as oxygen concentrators, medications, beds, wheelchairs and walkers.

Medical Assistance by our Angel Doctors: Miami, Florida

  • We support on a case-by-case bases those in need of medical assistance and necessities. Through our medical community we have Angel Doctors, who volunteer their services and time to provide the best medical care needed. In partnership with Liga Contra El Cancer, we help with procedures such as; mammograms, biopsy’s and treatments.

Past Projects

Mother Theresa of Calcutta’s Garden, St. Thomas the Apostle Church:  Miami, Florida

  • In 2011, in the memory and dedication of Nicole, the M.A.S. Foundation helped create the Mother Theresa of Calcutta Garden. The fruit, vegetables, and fish from the garden were delivered to the Missionaries of Charity in Downtown Miami to help feed the poor.
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