What We Do


Westminster Christian School (WCS) Humanitarian Award

  • Annual Scholarship
  • Nicole graduated as the senior class president from WCS in 2002. We have initiated the Nicole E. Mas M.D. Humanitarian Award Scholarship for one deserving graduate of the senior class, and have committed to this scholarship for several years.
  • The award is comprised of $3,000.00 in which $2,000.00 is awarded to the recipient and $1,000.00 goes to the recipient’s teacher of choice that made a positive impact on their life.

La Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) Humanitarian Award

  • Annual Scholarship
  • Nicole graduated medical school with honors from UNIBE in November of 2010. The Nicole E. Mas M.D. Humanitarian Award including an IPad, Camera with memory card, stethoscope, and nametag is given to a deserving graduate from each year’s Graduating Class of medical students from UNIBE. 
  • The Nicole E. Mas M.D. Humanitarian Award including an IPad, Camera, Memory Card, stethoscope, and name tag was given to the deserving graduate from this year’s Graduating Class of medical students from La Universidad Iberoamericana, UNIBE.


“Hogar Escuela Rosa Duarte” Orphanage

  • Annual Holiday Collection
  • The Hogar Escuela Rosa Duarte is lead by the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent of Paul. This orphanage consists of 146 abandoned, abused, and homeless girls in the capital of the Dominican Republic. These girls are in need of the basic necessities such as toiletries, feminine products, food and clothing, and stability that many of us overlook on a daily basis. Our goal is to give these young women and children simple tools necessary to face the everyday struggles and become empowered for a greater life. Nicole learned to radiate confidence and spread this belief through a multitude of female peers throughout her short 27 years.

St. Ann’s Mission

  • Monthly food donation of rice, beans, and other staple food items. We have pledged to donate necessary food items each month to help sustain hundreds of families.
  • St. Ann’s Mission was established on November 5, 1961 by Archbishop Coleman Carroll for the purpose of proclaiming the Gospel to the migrant farm workers who lived in the southern most part of Miami Dade County. Santa Ana Mission provides social services, medication, food, clothing and help with financial situations such as funerals or inability to make utility or rent payments for the agricultural migrant population of Homestead. In addition, the mission serves over 800 children in 3 migrant camps through catechesis and preparation for the holy sacraments.

Mother Theresa of Calcutta’s Garden for the Poor

  • Weekly collection from garden and delivery to soup kitchen.
  • We have helped create the Mother Theresa of Calcutta Garden for the Poor and have dedicated it to the memory of Nicole. It is located at St. Thomas the Apostle Church in Miami. The fruit, vegetables, and fish from the garden are delivered to the Missionaries of Charity in Downtown Miami to help feed the poor.

Mother Theresa’s Missionaries of Charity Soup Kitchen

  • The Missionaries of Charity homeless shelter was created in dedication to Mother Theresa of Calcutta. The shelter supplies a soup kitchen open to any volunteers eager to serve as well as bring anything ranging from food, school supplies, and used or new clothes. Nicole took service to the extent of coming home barefoot one day after volunteering because she felt a homeless child deserved her shoes rather than she did. We want to draw on our community to help in this similar endeavor.
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