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Saying Our Goodbyes to Mother Theresa’s Garden for the Poor

Hello All!

As many of you know, back in December of 2011, we created a working garden here in Miami on St. Thomas the Apostle School property. Named “Mother Theresa’s Garden for the Poor,” the garden was dedicated in honor of Nicole. Our space flourished with various plants, vegetables, and included a tilapia farm. Our purpose was to educate the students and community at St. Thomas the Apostle, and also provide for the poor. Every month, loads of fish and vegetables would be gathered and sent over to the homeless community of Overtown, Miami. The garden was built upon and around a massive centerpiece statue of Mother Theresa of Calcutta, which had attached a plaque dedicating the garden to Nicole. The working garden ran beautifully for almost 3 years. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, the garden had to be shut down. On the other hand, we are beyond blessed for what came out of this!

After meeting with the mission we help serve in Overtown, we have finally found a home for our beloved Mother Theresa statue. Just as Nicole travelled multiple times from Santo Domingo to Haiti during the disaster relief, we have been instructed to send the statue to where it is needed most- Haiti. Our world truly comes full circle through God’s plan!

We would like to thank you all for your contribution to our precious garden. We were able to showcase its progress, purpose and beauty. The memories will live on, and so will our service. We may no longer have the garden, but we continue to serve the homeless in Overtown as well as our other causes and still need your support and contributions! May our Mother Theresa bring a light of peace, good spirits, and hope to those over in Haiti. God Bless!

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