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10 years with our angel…

A decade later… 

Sharing some beautiful words from Nicole’s sister, Natalia. 


10 years ago today my life changed forever. My sister/best friend/soulmate transitioned from my angel on earth to my guardian angel in spirit. Death is desperately unfair, incomprehensible, and unbearable. It changes everything and nothing at the same time. However, I am a firm believer that nothing happens TO you, it happens FOR you and THROUGH you. Trauma can be a catalyst into deer faith, empathy, and self-awareness. I am beyond blessed to have had Nicole in my life for 25 years. To be able to experience her unconditional love and passionate energy. Life was a party even when it wasn’t. The way I honor her death is to live. Not to try to fill her shoes (which would be impossible), but to live passionately and be unapologetically myself as she did. So THANK YOU and LOVE YOU to Nicole, to everyone she loved, to everyone that loved her, and to everyone in my life today that loves me through my journey, however perfectly imperfect it may be. 💕

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